Scratch Support Extension




With a valid support contract you can upgrade your SCRATCH / SCRATCH VR version to the latest version for free. A support contract also allows you to email our support team with questions to troubleshoot any issues you might run into.

A SCRATCH Support Extension can apply to an existing permanent license or 1 year rental license. In case of 1 year rental, the rental period is simply extended with a year calculated from either its expiration date or – when it already expired – from the current date. In case of a permanent license key, the support extension is always added to the last support expiration-date that is associated with that license key.

Note that to get a permanent license back on support after its support contract expired, you have to make up up for the time not on support before entering a new support period.

Enter your License key
Make sure the correct license key is entered. To ensure no mistakes please check the license manager in the MyAssimilate website site at From there you can review all your licenses and select the license keys of those that require the support contract to be extended. If you want to extend the support for multiple licenses at once then please increase the quantity and enter multiple license keys in the text field above: make sure the keys are on separate lines or comma separated.